Outbound Tele-Funding
Synergy provides the best outbound tele-funding services available. Synergy’s clients receive:

Integration Strategy – Synergy helps its clients to determine the optimal segments of the donor file to include in a tele-funding strategy. Your marketing objectives, ROI requirements, and budget will guide every aspect of our strategic design.

When you call is just as important as whom you call. Synergy designs every campaign to complement your direct mail and the other elements of your direct marketing program.

Creative – Synergy writes all telephone scripts, pledge collection letters, and training/collateral materials for our clients’ approval. But that’s just the beginning. The challenge with tele-funding is not just writing the script, it’s listening to hundreds of calls, debriefing the communicators, and honing the script until it elicits maximum response.

Implementation Oversight – Synergy’s principals have 30 years combined experience from “the inside”. They know how to produce optimal results while maximizing donor satisfaction. We oversee every aspect of the program implementation and are vigorous advocates for our clients’ interests.

Specializing in: