Inbound Tele-Funding
Nonprofits have traditionally had very limited options when it comes to inbound tele-services. While there are literally thousands of inbound tele-services bureaus, most simply “take orders”. Very few understand the unique relationship between a nonprofit and its donors. Synergy matches our nonprofit clients with exactly the right call center for their unique needs.

Maximum Efficiency – Most inbound service bureaus concentrate on the telemarketing performance metrics like service levels, abandon rates and talk time. Synergy’s call center partners routinely average better than 80/20 service levels with abandon rates below 5 percent.

Unsurpassed Results – Efficiency is important but the reason to call Synergy is that we produce unsurpassed results. Driving maximum response rates, average gifts, credit card rates, and long term commitments add up to the best possible return on your media dollars.

First Impressions Count! – For a nonprofit, the inbound call is not just a simple transaction. It should be viewed as first conversation in a long and mutually beneficial relationship. Synergy’s call center partners understand that. Their communicators are EXPERT at building positive rapport with donors in a very short time.

Are you getting all you should be from your inbound provider? Ask Synergy for a free Inbound Audit to assess these key performance metrics today!