Case Studies
Client 1

Pain Point: A large non-profit client had a single call center handling 20k inbound calls per month and believed the results could be better but needed industry expertise in order to identify and implement specific improvement strategies.

Synergy was engaged to evaluate current routing, handling, and performance in order topropose and implement solutions that would lead to call handling and performance increases for the client.

Evaluation: Synergy leveraged its industry expertise to quickly identify both shot and long term strategies designed to meaningfully impact client ROI, call center efficiency, and promote positive competition designed to maintain top tier performance.

Synergy Strategies
  1. Implement and manage skills based routing to better leverage the top performing communicators.
  2. Synergy competitively introduced three new call centers in order to promote performance competition and reduce the risk of individual call center performance fluctuations.
  3. Synergy negotiated competitive call center pricing that reduced per call expense by 25%.
  4. Based on similar client experience, the target credit card and overall conversion rates were substantially increased in order to rise to and above industry norms.
  5. Designed and instituted targeted daily analysis that clearly illustrates media performance, call center efficiency and performance, and program effectiveness for the client at a glance.
  6. Synergy continually works with the call centers to evaluate and improve effectiveness.
Realized Client Benefits

Client 2

Pain Point: A large non-profit client had a single call center handling 25k calls per month and needed to increase their ROI but were struggling in their current environment to make the needed gains. The client requires constant adaptability in response to their continually changing media driven calls to action.

Synergy was engaged to design and deliver a best-in-class inbound routing, reporting, and performance solution for the client that did not require the client to change their activities and be fully supported by Synergy.

Evaluation: Synergy utilized a combination of its internal expertise along with its routing and call center partners to create a new environment for the client that was conducive to maximum performance in a changing environment that required minimal oversight directly by the client.

Synergy Strategies
  1. Synergy evaluated many and ultimately engaged a routing and reporting partner that provided the platform to create a customized multi-call center solution including real time performance, call routing management, and scheduled reporting/analysis.
  2. Researched, designed, and implemented a pay-for-performance call center model with a goal to increase call efficiency and yield an ROI increase to the client.
  3. Combined skills based routing at both a call center and communicator level to ensure the top communicators at the top performing call centers are always first to receive calls when available.
  4. Synergy expertise was leveraged for daily script creation, review, and enhancement.
  5. Synergy assumed responsibility for call center training and evaluation. Constant monitoring and evaluation were employed to maximize communicator knowledge and effectiveness.
Realized Client Benefits